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  • Implementing commitments beyond 2020

    With the 2020 New York Declaration on Forests deadline to halve natural forest loss and eliminate commodity-driven deforestation in sight, not one of the companies and financial institutions assessed by Global Canopy for the Forest 500 2018 ranking, launched today on International Forests Day, is set to meet this goal.
  • Beef and leather companies in China silent on Brazilian deforestation

    Are companies in the car seat, furniture, footwear and food industries in China aware of the risk that some of their raw materials could be associated with deforestation in Brazil? These industries use most of the Brazilian beef and leather imported into China (including Hong Kong), which is the world’s biggest importer of beef and leather from Brazil.
  • Recognising women in forest-risk supply chains

    On International Women’s Day, we thought it was time to acknowledge the role that women play in agricultural commodity supply chains. While women smallholders and agricultural workers produce much of the world’s food, they can often be hungry themselves or struggle to feed their families.
  • New commitments for Brazil’s Cerrado?

    Cargill has announced a new soy policy for South America and a group of traders have signed up to a new monitoring initiative, but are these commitments enough to protect the Cerrado? The company’s forest policy, which has been updated, now applies “across all entities, all agri supply chains, including indirect, with immediate effect”.

What We Do

All our work focuses on the production, trade and financing of commodities such as soy, beef and palm oil that are responsible for two thirds of deforestation worldwide:
supply chain transparency programme icon
Supply Chains
Bringing unprecedented transparency to the commodity supply chains which run from forest landscapes to consumers worldwide
following the finance programme icon
The Finance Sector
Following the trillions of dollars in loans and investments linked to deforestation, and enabling better decision-making on natural capital by financial institutions
Sustainable landscapes programme icon
Financing Sustainable Landscapes
Supporting forward-thinking governments in key forest regions to secure investment to protect forests, boost agricultural productivity and improve water security