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  • Hope for Brazil's forests?

    Fears about the potential impact of Brazil’s incoming president on climate emissions from deforestation have been prevalent at the UN climate talks in Katowice (COP24), with indigenous communities from Brazil among those raising the alarm. Jair Bolsonaro has threatened to pull the country out of the Paris Agreement and talked about the need for more development in forest areas.
  • Are Brazilians eating the Cerrado?

    Brazil’s role as a global exporter of commodities such as soy can overshadow the size of its own domestic market. So while international brands who have committed to zero deforestation are keen to ensure their soy does not come from recently deforested areas, are Brazilian and international companies serving the domestic market selling deforestation?
  • Cerrado: um item escondido no cardápio dos brasileiros

    A grande relevância do Brasil como exportador de commodities, como a soja por exemplo, pode ofuscar a importância de seu próprio mercado doméstico. Empresas internacionais que possuem compromissos de desmatamento zero estão buscando mecanismos para garantir que as suas cadeias de fornecimento não estejam associadas ao desmatamento.
  • New Supply Chain Transparency Network animation launched at COP24

    The new Supply Chain Transparency Network (SCTN) animation highlights the obstacles facing consumer companies’ supply chains in meeting zero deforestation commitments and the transparency tools available that can assist them.

What We Do

All our work focuses on the production, trade and financing of commodities such as soy, beef and palm oil that are responsible for two thirds of deforestation worldwide:
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Supply Chains
Bringing unprecedented transparency to the commodity supply chains which run from forest landscapes to consumers worldwide
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The Finance Sector
Following the trillions of dollars in loans and investments linked to deforestation, and enabling better decision-making on natural capital by financial institutions
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Financing Sustainable Landscapes
Supporting forward-thinking governments in key forest regions to secure investment to protect forests, boost agricultural productivity and improve water security