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  • Tackling deforestation risk in Brazilian cattle exports: 20 key companies in China

    In a supermarket in Hong Kong, shoppers stream past aisles of vegetable oils, fruits and other groceries. Over at the meat section, various cuts of meat are available, some of which come from Brazilian cattle. This is Kai Bo Supermarket, one of the biggest importers of Brazilian beef into China.
  • Unsustainable fishing: a potential investment risk in South East Asia

    Global demand for seafood is rising rapidly, but concerns about the sustainability of seafood production are also increasingly prominent. Two new briefings and a new tool from Global Canopy’s SCRIPT project detail the risks and opportunities at hand.
  • What makes a zero-deforestation commitment effective?

    This Guest Blog from Samuel Levy explores what makes companies zero deforestation commitments effective, based on a new paper published in Global Environmental Change that draws on company commitments data from Forest 500.
  • To step up action on deforestation, the European Union needs to regulate

    On December 18 2018, in a long anticipated move, the European Commission published a roadmap announcing plans to “step up European Action against Deforestation and Forest Degradation”. The document foresees a new Communication in the second quarter of 2019 and a consultation is open for submissions until February 25.

What We Do

All our work focuses on the production, trade and financing of commodities such as soy, beef and palm oil that are responsible for two thirds of deforestation worldwide:
supply chain transparency programme icon
Supply Chains
Bringing unprecedented transparency to the commodity supply chains which run from forest landscapes to consumers worldwide
following the finance programme icon
The Finance Sector
Following the trillions of dollars in loans and investments linked to deforestation, and enabling better decision-making on natural capital by financial institutions
Sustainable landscapes programme icon
Financing Sustainable Landscapes
Supporting forward-thinking governments in key forest regions to secure investment to protect forests, boost agricultural productivity and improve water security