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Latest News

  • Highlighting the origins of Brazil’s indigenous forest products

    On the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, we invited Brazilian NGO Imaflora to share their perspectives on the key role that indigenous peoples play in protecting forests and other native ecosystems; and to talk about their award-winning work that helps consumers identify and value sustainable forest products.
  • Ambitious blueprint for action on deforestation hangs on incoming EU Commission

    The European Union’s long-awaited Communication on Stepping up EU Action to Protect and Restore the World’s Forests brings a welcome dose of common sense in a world where satellite data showing evidence of deforestation is being questioned.
  • The clock is ticking

    With six months to go, the countdown to the 2020 deadline for company action to tackle deforestation is sounding ominously like a doomsday clock. The evidence from the natural world screams for urgent action, with icecaps melting faster than expected and record temperature highs in Europe.
  • UK launches taskforce to address supply chain impacts

    The UK Government has launched its new Global Resource Initiative Taskforce, which has a remit to work with companies, and governments in producer and intermediary companies to establish the UK as a leader on supply chain sustainability and reduce deforestation.

What We Do

All our work focuses on the production, trade and financing of commodities such as soy, beef and palm oil that are responsible for two thirds of deforestation worldwide:
supply chain transparency programme icon
Supply Chains
Bringing unprecedented transparency to the commodity supply chains which run from forest landscapes to consumers worldwide
following the finance programme icon
The Finance Sector
Following the trillions of dollars in loans and investments linked to deforestation, and enabling better decision-making on natural capital by financial institutions
Sustainable landscapes programme icon
Financing Sustainable Landscapes
Supporting forward-thinking governments in key forest regions to secure investment to protect forests, boost agricultural productivity and improve water security