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  • How to drive a wider shift to deforestation-free supply chains?

    The latest scientific evidence makes it clear that voluntary commitments alone are not enough to end deforestation — a panel event in Brussels discussed whether legislation could play a part. The evidence is clear. The UN’s IPBES Global Assessment of the state of biodiversity spells out the urgent need for action to protect our natural world.
  • How can finance help the survival of the natural world?

    This week saw the release of a landmark new report from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), which assesses the state of the world’s ecosystems. The news is not good: massive loss of habitat, more than a million species facing extinction, severe threats to the natural world upon which we all depend.
  • Prioritising sustainability in China’s soy supply chain

    This year is proving to be one of great uncertainty for China’s soy crushing and livestock industries. The trade tensions with the United States and the outbreak of African Swine Fever have both had significant consequences for the Chinese soy and livestock feed industries, affecting demand and profit margins.
  • Suppliers failing to address forest risks in Brazil-China cattle trade

    Do companies at any point in the Brazil-China beef and leather supply chains have robust policies to assess and address deforestation risk? Their deforestation policies matter because China is the world’s biggest importer of beef and leather from Brazil, where cattle production is the main direct driver of deforestation and other native vegetation loss.

What We Do

All our work focuses on the production, trade and financing of commodities such as soy, beef and palm oil that are responsible for two thirds of deforestation worldwide:
supply chain transparency programme icon
Supply Chains
Bringing unprecedented transparency to the commodity supply chains which run from forest landscapes to consumers worldwide
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The Finance Sector
Following the trillions of dollars in loans and investments linked to deforestation, and enabling better decision-making on natural capital by financial institutions
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Financing Sustainable Landscapes
Supporting forward-thinking governments in key forest regions to secure investment to protect forests, boost agricultural productivity and improve water security