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Protecting nature through data

The majority of tropical deforestation is caused by agricultural expansion for a handful of globally-traded commodities like soy, palm oil, beef and timber. These commodities traverse complex and opaque supply chains, ending up in more than half the packaged products in our supermarkets.

A football field of tropical forest is lost

every six seconds

to clear the way for commodities that could be produced sustainably.

Global Canopy is bringing transparency and accountability to the market forces destroying nature. Over the last five years we have partnered with leading research institutions worldwide to develop a portfolio of ground-breaking environmental data initiatives – Trase, Trase Finance, Forest 500, and ENCORE – to address key knowledge gaps in understanding how supply chains impact nature on the ground.

We are at risk of trading and financing our way into extinction. Through deforestation, agriculture, and overexploitation of resources we are destroying the biodiversity on which we all depend. Our globalised economy is the big driver behind the nature and climate crisis we all now face.

Join us in tackling the climate and nature crises.

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