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Ellen Griffiths

Strategic Projects Manager


Ellen joined Global Canopy in January 2014 to focus on institutional policy and operations. Prior to that she worked for an Islamic art charity, The Barakat Trust, and is an Honorary Friend of that organisation. She has 20 years’ experience in marketing, PR and operations in enterprises ranging from 1990s tech start-up MathEngine to a large American ISP before choosing to move to the non-profit sector with Mencap and the University of Oxford's Wainwright Fund (mostly Egyptology, but essentially near-eastern archaeology, including some amazing work in Turkey and modern-day Mesopotamia). Ellen has benefited from many voluntary experiences in France, America and Russia, the latter involving living in and renovating the Peter and Paul Fortress in St Petersburg during the White Nights. She has a degree from the University of Oxford in French and History (St. Hilda's College) and also a postgraduate diploma in French and Art History. For a number of years Ellen has been attempting to learn Latin and ancient Greek with the Iris Project, and is also a kickboxing brown belt.

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