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Supply Chains

A Global Canopy Programme
Shipping forms a key part in the supply chain
The Challenge

Commodities such as palm oil, soy, paper, timber, beef and leather travel from the frontiers of deforestation to supermarket shelves around the world through complex networks of trade.

A sustainable global economy cannot be achieved without a deforestation-free global economy and the preservation of the vital natural capital of forests, but the links between deforestation and the goods we buy are often hidden by the structure of global supply chains.

supply chain
Our Approach

Shifting to a deforestation-free economy requires a better understanding of these supply chains.

Global Canopy works with companies, investors and governments to increase transparency and understand the opportunities to shift to a more sustainable global economy. We link actors to impacts on the ground, assessing progress on the development and implementation of sustainability initiatives. Working with partner organisations, we develop pioneering tools to map global supply chains at scale, and conduct cutting-edge research into their structures and impacts. Making supply chains sustainable is the key to ending large-scale tropical deforestation. Read more about how our projects work to achieve this below.