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A collaboration with the Stockholm Environment Institute
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The Challenge

It is challenging to link individual actors to deforestation in specific places. 

Complex and opaque supply chains obscure the companies and places through which these products are traded. Without these links, global market actors remain disconnected from the environmental and social risks and impacts associated with the production of forest risk commodities. This severely limits both their ability to engage with these impacts and the ability of third-party actors to hold them to account.  


Our Approach

Trase is an independent, research-based supply chain transparency initiative that seeks to transform understanding of the sustainability of forest risk supply chains.

At its heart is, an open-access information system and decision support platform.  Trase uses previously untapped trade data to develop unprecedented transparency of global supply chains from producing regions to countries of import. With this traceability, we can for the first time link companies and consumers to the places of production and to the risk of being connected to impacts on the ground. This helps companies, investors, governments and civil society to track progress on commitment, identify opportunities for action, and recognise both success and poor performance.



A joint initative with The Stockholm Environment Institute.
Made possible by the support of: EU, UK Aid, SIDA, The Nature Conservancy, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation