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The Supply Chain Transparency Network

Co-convened by Global Canopy and the Stockholm Environment Institute
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The Challenge

Widespread deforestation and environmental degradation is currently associated with agricultural expansion across the tropics.

Recent years have seen an unprecedented rise in public and private sector commitments to end this. However, efforts to act on these commitments have been hindered by supply chain opacity and complexity. This same issue has impacted efforts to identify and engage with those most linked to deforestation but not taking action.

A range of research initiatives, information platforms and decision support tools have emerged, but there is a risk of overlapping efforts in some areas and a lack of attention being given to other key issues. There is a pressing need for supply chain practitioners to work together to advance best practice, share opportunities and overcome obstacles.

Our Approach

The Supply Chain Transparency Network (SCTN) convenes initiatives with a particular focus on supply chain transparency and sustainable commodity production, making it unique among convening bodies.

The network provides an informal, hands-on and welcoming space for organisations to raise challenges and obstacles they face, and to collectively discuss how to best advance solutions to unsustainable commodity production.


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