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Forest 500

A project of Global Canopy
The Challenge

A relatively small number of companies, investors, governments and other actors have an outsized influence on tropical deforestation.

Whether it is through production, manufacturing, retail or investment in companies in forest risk supply chains, these ‘powerbrokers of zero deforestation’ have an opportunity to make a major contribution to ending large-scale tropical deforestation. However, commitments to identify and act upon this opportunity, and the associated risks of inaction, have often been weak or entirely absent due to a lack of assessment and scrutiny.

Our Approach

The Forest 500 is the world’s first rainforest ratings agency. It identifies and ranks the most influential companies, financial institutions, and governments as they move towards a deforestation-free global economy.

By assessing the 500 powerbrokers that have large-scale influence over forest risk commodity supply chains, the Forest 500 holds companies, financial institutions, and governments accountable for their actions, highlighting forward-thinking commitments at the same time as shining a light on those yet to act.

The results and insights from the Forest 500 indicate shortcomings and gaps in powerbrokers’ commitments, highlighting where greater action is required to achieve overarching deforestation commitments. Specifically, the Forest 500 assesses 350 companies and 150 investors and lenders, each selected based on their exposure to forest risk commodity supply chains.