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Strengthening Climate Resilient Development in Urban-rural Landscapes

A Global Canopy Project
Tarapoto, Peru
The Challenge

Rapid urbanisation in the Peruvian Amazon, largely driven by migration and economic development, has increased pressure on forest resources.

Peru’s tropical forests underpin water, energy and food security, providing ecosystem services that are essential for human well-being and for the economic prosperity of the region.

Tarapoto, the main commercial and financial urban centre in the department of San Martín, and the third largest urban centre in the Peruvian Amazon, shows these increasing pressures and the resulting impacts. The availability and quality of water resources for urban and agricultural consumption is already being affected by severe environmental degradation. Climate change and weather extremes will further multiply the risks for both urban and rural populations and will challenge economic development in the watershed.

Our Approach

Global Canopy is working with a range of local partners in Tarapoto and the Cumbaza watershed to boost water, energy and food security. 

The project evaluates the interdependencies, trade-offs and risks in the use, availability and management of natural resources across sectors and actors under different land-use and climate change scenarios. This will inform integrated resource management and climate mitigation strategies in the region, including a payments for ecosystem services initiative to finance climate resilient development across the Cumbaza watershed.