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Financing Sustainable Landscapes

A Global Canopy Programme
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The Challenge

The clearance of tropical forest for commodity production is not only destroying valuable natural capital but also affecting the communities who depend on the forest for food, clean water,  energy and their livelihoods.

These communities in forest areas need opportunities and support to develop sustainable livelihoods that do not destroy forest resources, balancing the needs of agriculture and conservation to build productive, sustainable landscapes. However, investment is currently not channeled to these landscapes at sufficient scale.

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Our Approach

The Financing Sustainable Landscapes Programme aims to support tropical forest regions to manage land use and other resources more sustainably, ultimately with the aim of reducing pressure on the forest while also meeting development needs.

It does this by working closely with forward-looking governments and investors to create the conditions to attract investment in sustainable land use. This includes improving policy coherence across natural resource based sectors, designing public-private financial mechanisms and designing systems that safeguard people and the environment. Much of the programme’s work is forward-looking, using modelling scenarios to quantify resource risks under future climate and development pathways, identify business opportunities, and additionally support the governments of tropical forest nations in achieving their climate change targets.