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A Global Canopy Project
finance abstract
The Challenge

To transition to a global deforestation-free economy, it is essential to focus not only on the flows of material goods - the agricultural commodities produced in tropical countries - but also on the underlying finance powering this trade.

If this finance, valued at billions of dollars, could be channelled to companies operating sustainably, it could transform agricultural commodity supply chains and help keep forests standing.

Despite growing finance sector interest in mitigating the deforestation risks associated with agricultural supply chains, large-scale action has been slow. This is, in part, due to a failure to communicate a strong business case, a lack of clarity around what a robust financial institution policy on deforestation looks like, and lack of access to actionable information on company performance in regards to managing deforestation risks.


Our Approach

SCRIPT (the Soft Commodity Risk Platform) takes a data-driven approach to encouraging and supporting financial institutions to take action on deforestation.

Developed with a number of partner organisations, this platform contains two tools, one allowing financial institutions to benchmark their policies on deforestation against their peers, and one allowing them to assess how they may be exposed to deforestation risk in their investment portfolios. Both tools are free to use, and provide practical, customised advice on how to move towards greater sustainability.

Through SCRIPT, we provide financial institutions with the information they need to effectively engage companies on unsustainable practices. We also encourage financial institutions to engage with companies operating unsustainably by building a stronger business case for the transition to sustainable agricultural supply chains.