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The Little Sustainable Landscapes Book

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The Little Sustainable Landscapes Book aims to clarify and disseminate sustainable landscape management methods, and to catalyse their implementation across private and public sectors worldwide.

The book summarises current developments in landscape management, makes recommendations on policy, and explains the importance of landscape initiatives in achieving global goals related to sustainable development. It has been produced in collaboration with world leading experts in agriculture and natural resources, including WWF, Ecoagriculture Partners, The Nature Conservancy, IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative, and The Global Canopy Programme. 


To download a copy of The Little Sustainable Landscapes Book in English, French, Bahasa or Spanish then please click on the file below. Further translations of the book are in development.


Attachment Size
GCP_LSLB_English.pdf 9.59 MB
GCP_LSLB_Bahasa.pdf 4.44 MB
GCP_LSLB_French.pdf 8.1 MB
GCP_LSLB_Spanish.pdf 13.33 MB