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Are Brazilians eating the Cerrado?

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Soy is one of Brazil’s most important and profitable agricultural commodities, used both as a protein feed and as an energy crop. The soy industry generates income and jobs, contributing to the country’s economic growth, but soy production is also associated with negative social and environmental impacts.

More than half of Brazilian soy is grown in the Cerrado, where soy expanded by 9.5 million hectares between 2000 and 20171 . Almost one third of this came from native vegetation clearance, primarily in the region known as Matopiba. Soy production and use in Brazil (not including storage, waste, and seeds).

While attention has been given to the role of global demand in driving the expansion of Brazilian soy and the related deforestation, there has been less focus on the Brazilian domestic soy market. This briefing covers domestic consumption patterns and their impacts.

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