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Finding deforestation solutions at New York Climate Week

Photo shows aerial view of Amazon, Brazil, image by CIFOR

As leaders gather in New York for a special UN Summit on climate change, and five years after the New York Declaration on Forests set out 2020 targets for curbing deforestation, Global Canopy and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) will join activities at the Nature Now Hub in New York to explore solutions to the climate crisis, which must include addressing deforestation.

With some two thirds of tropical deforestation linked to the expansion of agriculture, and in particular cattle ranching, soy production and palm oil, Global Canopy and SEI will focus on the challenge of eliminating deforestation from commodity supply chains.

Toby Gardner, director of Trase (Transparency for Sustainable Economies), a joint project led by SEI and Global Canopy,which uses data to map commodity supply chains, will talk about “Transformative Transparency: Harnessing the Data Revolution to Drive Down Deforestation”, on Monday, September 23rd, at 1-2.30pm, as part of the Big Ideas Talks organized by the Nature’s Climate Hub, official partner of the NYC Climate Week.

The talk will be driven by two questions: how the effective use of existing data can achieve a lot more than is commonly assumed to the sustainability of supply chains; and how, in the messy world of decision-making, broad-brush solutions at scale can be more powerful than high-precision approaches narrowed to specific places or actors.

Trase will also join with Global Canopy’s Forest 500 project to present Forestopoly, a giant board game that pits supermarket teams against each other in a race to minimise their impacts on tropical forests. The game, which will take place on 23 September at 3.15pm in the Nature Now Hub,  aims to raise awareness of how companies’ zero deforestation commitments, on the ground initiatives and transparency tools can help drive progress in addressing deforestation..



Natural Thinking: Big Ideas Talks on Food/Soils/Agriculture – includes a talk by Toby Gardner, Trase director

Monday, 23 September


The Convene - 101 Park Avenue, New York, NY

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Forestopoly - the supply chain challenge

Monday, 23 September


Madison Hub North, The Convene

101 Park Avenue

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Photo: CIFOR via, creative commons licence